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Get what you need from those who know how to provide it. Tory has taken her own personal life experience as a formerly flabulous girl, and her eight years working as a Weight Loss Coach and developed a program that provides support, fitness, and nutrition all in one package. Don't worry, no packaged food or rigid rules. Just small changes you can live with that lead to lifelong changes.If she can lose it and keep it off since 2002, so can you!

Jacquie has been working with Tory for three years. Tory only works with people who believe that everyone CAN do anything they put their mind to. Jacquie is one of the most positive and motivational people you'll ever meet!

Been there, done that, have the XXXL t-shirt. 


Look, I know how hard it is to lose weight. I've been there. In 2002 I was over 240 pounds and was very unhappy with who I was. I always knew I had this vibrant, fit, happy person inside but I just couldn't reach her. 

I tried so many things to get there; stupid things that I knew, deep down, weren't going to work. I starved myself, tried fad diets, over-exercised before I was ready, and every effort felt like personal failure. It wasn't until I pointed my head and my health in the same direction that I found success, and stayed there.




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